You Can’t Ride Two Horses With One Ass

On an average day I am lazy, undisciplined, and easily distracted.  (Slackers Unite!)

Enter Pinterest, Facebook, Solitaire, and The Amandas. And Friday Night Lights. And Food TV. And watching paint dry.

And my iPhone.

That’s part of my excuse for abandoning the blog. I’ve been riding one too many horses lately, and we all know you can’t ride two (or forty) horses with one ass.

Unless you’re JLo, and I am not.

I’m just a girl looking for a boy…” Can you name the movie? Can you name my learning difference? 

Anyway, late last summer my phone stopped accepting phone calls. Everything else worked fine; it just simply decided it didn’t really see itself as a phone. So, we parted ways.

I had an upgrade, the iPhone was on sale, and I had just read an article that said Kelly Ripa was able to manage her entire life with her iPhone. The article said she was an iPhone ninja.

Thus my quest to become an iPhone ninja began. It’s fair to say that the first few months of owning the iPhone was counter-productive. I spent hours searching for apps. HOURS.

I ended up with was a few photo apps and Sit or Squat, an app that uses your location to tell you where the nearest public restroom can be found.

I have a hostile colon. More on that another day. Let’s just say Sit or Squat has been helpful. If you have a toddler in the throes of potty-training or a spouse with a hostile colon you might give it a whirl.

Enough about colons and toddlers. I spent dozens of fruitless hours looking for apps that would prove me an iPhone ninja.

Enter appSmitten.

appSmitten is a weekly newsletter that selects and e-mails personal application recommendations based on your interests. I have downloaded and used almost every application that appSmitten has recommended. (I’ve been test-driving it for a couple of weeks.) 

There is one application in particular that has changed my life. Seriously. I’ll tell you about it later this week- I don’t want to ruin the fun.

appSmitten does all the work for you by sifting through over 1 million applications so that you don’t have to spend hours doing it yourself.  I

The newsletter is free, and you can elect to receive it either daily or weekly. I’m a weekly gal.

And it’s not just for the iPhone. They make recommendations for Android, iPhone, and iPad.

And it’s free. (Did I say that?) So, what are you waiting for? Get the newsletter here

You’re welcome.

 See y’all!

(This is a sponsored review for appSmitten.)

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