So, today at school we got this odd, somewhat disconcerting e-mail titled URGENT!!! about a person on campus (pay special note to the description):

Please be aware that there is a sweet looking older lady that has come into the middle school office several times asking for information about people attending this school. She has a black raincoat on and pure white hair. Apparently her niece and nephew attended [my school] at the old campus. She wanted to know the religious affiliation of the school. She seems paranoid, stating that the Mormon’s and Scientologists are taking over. [Our school is not a faith-based school] She seems to think that Nicole Richie, the Kennedy’s (as in JFK), and the Carter’s (Jimmy) are to blame for the bad things happening to her.
She drives a:
Silver Toyota Avalon
License plate – Georgia plate
Thank you,

Two minutes later I received another e-mail from Coach (who teaches and coaches at the same school) also titled URGENT!!! (I get a very sick feeling in my stomach b/c we have one child home from school with bronchitis and I am certain things have gone awry there) It read:

Are you wearing your black raincoat today?

Nice talking to y’all- apparently I’ve got a bone or two to pick with Nicole Richie, the Kennedys, and the Carters.

Talk to you soon!

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