There’s Life to Be Learned in a Butt Whoopin’

Those were wise words from my grandfather when we were arguing over Andy Kelly.



Andy Kelly was the quarterback at Tennessee when I enrolled in 1989.

There has never been a more overrated player in football. (Nice guy though.)

He was one of those guys that looked good on paper. He had good stats, and he got really lucky against Notre Dame once. Other than that, he was mediocre at best.

After a particularly impressive Tennessee loss I made it a point to go by Buddy and Grandaddy’s house, invade the freezer, and pick an argument with Grandaddy.

I was thoughtful that way.

I pushed his angry button, and got him going in about .3 seconds. We went back and forth, and I’m pretty sure I ended up telling him that he could say whatever he wanted about Andy Kelly’s stats and talent and rankings and so on, the fact of the matter was they got a good old fashioned butt whippin,’ and it was all Andy Kelly’s fault.

And all Grandaddy said was “there’s a lot of life to be learned in a butt whoopin’.”

And I’m praying I restrained myself enough not to retort, “Yeah right, that’s just what people say when they get beat like a gas station dog.” BUT- if I had to guess, I’d say self-control and restraint probably failed me.


We had our BIG game last night. We lost BIG.

We are the gas station dog.

If I could ask Grandaddy what life there is to be learned in this particular butt whoopin’, I wonder what he’d say.

Here’s what I think; I think he’d say this is where we realize that if we don’t like the story we can always rewrite it. We can change the plot, we can change the characters, we can change the dialogue, and we can change the tone.

The point is, every story can be rewritten. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.

And he’d probably say a butt whoopin is an impressive reminder that the score isn’t the purpose of the game- never has been. The game was NEVER about the numbers. (Coach’s head just exploded as I wrote this)

And he’d say that only when you’ve been beaten badly and you’ve known decisive defeat can you begin to understand the importance of extending graciousness to an opponent regardless of whether you win or lose.

And finally, I know he’d say (through gritted teeth, mind you) that you learn resolve. You resolve not to EVER get beat like that again.

You re-evaluate your goals and your plans, and you start to write the new story.

It’s time for a new story guys- get mad and start drafting that thing.

See y’all!

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