Say It In a Letter

(So I’m cheating a little bit- here’s our letter that went out with MOST of our Christmas cards- apparently my envelope stuffers missed a few- if you were one of them- here you go.)

Hey there!

Merry Christmas from our home to yours! We’re hoping that your year was as blessed as ours. Thankfully we managed to avoid Somali pirates, the swine flu, and Zhu Zhu pets; I wish I could say the same for animal bracelets and the Miley Cyrus movie.

While we did have a blessed year, we got off to a shaky start. We had to put G. on suicide watch for the inauguration of the President; turns out he channeled Alex P. Keaton sans the briefcase, and cursed democrats everywhere. We told him not to worry though, because really- healthcare and protection from terrorists are such trivial issues compared to say, befriending Castro. Clearly, there’s no need to panic.

Well, there was need to panic, but not over politics. This year we took on vegetable gardening, and because Coach and I both lack the ability to do things in moderation, we ended up with crops. Thirty tomato plants and untold dozens of pepper, squash, zucchini, cucumber, okra, carrot, green bean, and strawberry plants later we ended up with a freezer full of produce. There would have been corn too had it not been for the 4th of July raccoon massacre. Don’t even go there- let’s just suffice it to say I will be HIGHLY disappointed if I don’t get a Coon Hound named Neyland for Christmas.

Speaking of Neyland, we took the kids to their first UT game this year. Aside from sitting on the surface of the sun for a noon game, we had great fun. We made a weekend of it taking them to a cabin and tubing river rapids in the mountains. In one of my most loving gestures as a mother, I chose to honor G’s 13th birthday on the river by ripping my rear-end open on a rock and subsequently getting 13 stitches on my left cheek. All was well though- it gave Coach the opportunity to talk to Gaylord Fokker, the male nurse practitioner, about bow hunting elk in New Mexico or Montana or somewhere.

Yes, I said G. is 13. He is 5’6 and at my goal weight with no signs of slowing down. Seems we’re not going to escape puberty at our house. One is in the throes as we speak, and the other two are gearing up by exercising their ability to go from laughing to crying in the blink of an eye. The girls are 9 now and obsessed with animal bracelets and Littlest Pet Shop animals. I’m totally fine with that- as both are much less expensive than an obsession with shoes.

The blog has opened up many opportunities for me, and I’ve met some really great friends. Please visit us there to keep up with all the craziness: It’s a chronicle of what we’re learning while we walk through the adventure of parenting and teaching kids. There are also recipes- lots of recipes- because if we don’t love anytning else here, we love good food. (For the record, the chicken pastry bundles are out of this world- kids love them, adults love them, and the recipe makes 12. You can’t lose with this one.)

We hope you have a Merry Christmas with your family, and we pray that you will enjoy blessings and good health in the coming year. Call us or come by whenever you want- we’d love to see your smiles!

See Y’all!
Coach, Traci, and the nuts…

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