Sam & Esther

A few weeks ago I saw the video below on little Abe’s blog. As sad as this story begins, it does have a happy ending, so stay with it.

Understand that for $32 a month you can help prevent children like Sam and Esther from ever having to suffer like they have. Compassion International is an organization that longs to provide not only the necessities that are required to sustain life physically, but also to providing the information and love of Jesus so that these children are also able to sustain life abundant in Jesus Christ.

Please watch the precious story about Sam and Esther. Then, if you are able, please click on the Compassion banner on the right side of the blog or click here.

Consider buying a little less at the grocery store and trying to shave $32 from your grocery bill so that a child on the other side of the globe can eat for a month. Your help will change the life of a family.

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1 Comment on Sam & Esther

  1. Melissa
    March 14, 2009 at 12:09 am (9 years ago)

    AMEN! What Compassion does is amazing, amazing, amazing!!!! Thank you for the encouragement, exhortation!
    The puppy’s in the mail!


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