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Listen, it is no secret that Alabama is not my favorite football team.  And while we’re sitting here, neither is Florida.  Or anywhere Steve Spurrier coaches.  But last night.  Last night?

Last night Coach Saban masterminded one of the most atrociously definitive defeats I’ve ever seen on a football field.  (And I feel like I need to remind you that I am a die-hard Tennessee Vol- I’ve seen many atrocities this year).

And I know, everyone is all over the Twitter and Facebook and Instagram and everywhere else talking about the South rising again and Irish potato famines and AJ McCarron’s girlfriend. There are a whole lot of people down here claiming The Crimson Tide as their own today.

Hypocritical? Perhaps.

Or just family.

The SEC is a conference that spends the end of September and most of October beating the snot out of each other, thus ruining each other’s chances at being ranked #1.  (Ahem, I’m talking to you A&M- welcome.  You proved you could hang with the big boys).

We fight, we poison each other’s trees, we light things on fire, call each other’s mothers and sisters all sorts of unsavory names, and then, just as the holidays are abreast- we all kiss and make up.  It’s no different than any other sibling relationship.  I can beat up on my brother all I want, but Lord help the outsider that comes in and tries to do the same.

Loyalty.  And maybe a little bourbon.  That’s what holds us all together down here in SEC territory.  So, as slack-jawed as I was to find myself cheering for Alabama last night, I did just that.   Maybe  I was a little half-hearted about it, but I did it.  And so did a whole bunch of others.

And I watched comments on Twitter roll in last night just as the Tide got rolling.  I like Twitter for the more volatile situations – elections, football games, and The Miss America Pageant, because people seem to be a little kinder and wittier on Twitter.

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to “retweet” some of the comments I saw last night, because sometimes a little wit covers a multitude of touchdowns.

Here you go in the order they were posted- it’s a history of sorts:

“Rooting against the Catholics never ends well.  Just ask Anne Boleyn.”  @clemsonjenn

“Watching the game with my boy, who now sees the appeal of playing offensive lineman because, well, CARBS.”  @boomama

“Oh, listen.  I’ve lost count of how many times A. has pulled up his shirt and roared.”  @boomama

“I’m watching #BCS but I’m going to try to guess what is happening on #Bachelor too.  A girl just over expressed her emotions for a stranger.”  @jonacuff

“Bachelor Spoiler Alert, it doesn’t work out.”  @jonacuff

“Tuck ya belly in #65!!”  @k_bass2

“Bad when AJ’s girlfriend is on tv more than Notre Dame’s offense”  @johnsonjamison

“This has to be the worst Irish performance since Tom Cruise in Far and Away.”  @badbanana

“Notre Dame coach’s half time speech to his players – ‘You is kind, you is smart, you is important.'” @istevewilson

“Forest Gump 21 – Rudy 0” @AndreBranch

“Only mistake Alabama made tonight was how little Gatorade they actually got on Coach Saban.” @jonacuff

And I bet if I asked you, you could give me a whole lot more.  So, I’m asking.  Did you see anything that tickled you?

See y’all!

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