My Family


Those are my people up there.  Most of my life is tied up in those four.

AC (on the far left) is our child with all the feelings.  She loves YouTubers, fashion, and baking.  She has been a diligent student of business at the Shark Tank School of Business.  Her favorite business instructors to date have been Mark Cuban as well as Donald Trump.  So she should do well, but the future of her hair may be in danger.  She aspires to go to college and get a PR degree and then go to culinary school.

V (beside Coach) is my inherited daughter.  I’ve known her since she was three and was a dead-ringer for Dora the Explorer.  She loves movies, Ole Miss, and a good joke.  Her plan right now is to be the matriarch of a southern estate owned by a wealthy landowner.  Or she may want to be a physical therapist.  She can’t decide. In the meantime she has become an ardent fan of her high school sports teams and is taking up photography.

G (the lone boy child) is the oldest.  He is like a Border Collie in the nervous, high-strung kind of way.  He loves politics, institutions of higher learning, and saying things to make my head explode.  He is an achiever and he’s driven.  He is mostly fluent in French and extremely fluent in sarcasm.  It’s a good mix; he’ll make a great expat.  He will be our child that lives far away doing very exotic things.  My one hope for him is that he lands in a country with bounties of cheese and chocolate.

Coach is a football coach with a extra-large helping of OCD tendencies.  He loves me, our family, football, CrossFit, and his DustBuster. You can read more about him here.

Sometimes we’re funny; other times we aren’t.  .

We are five very different people.  VERY DIFFERENT.  But, put us together and you get a beautiful harmony-  a collective voice of history, humor, and hearts.

Oh, and this is Mack.  He loves tennis balls, swimming, and sausage.  He believes himself to be human.  We indulge him there.  You can read about Mack and his less-than-loyal companion Ivy here.


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