Less Than 20 Days…

A looooooooong time ago in a lifetime far away I made an announcement about raising $10,000 for a small village in Ethiopia.

Then work got crazy. Then God said let it sit a while. Then I fell ill. I mean deathly ill, and I felt every bit of the 40 years I’m about to be forced to claim.

I just don’t bounce back like I used to. Matter of fact, I would say there was no bouncing, merely a thud on the bathroom floor.

Anyway, I’m going Baptist Rogue on you now. This is the guilting portion of the drive. Would you please consider giving to the children and families of Dube Bute? Click on the tab on the top left- you can give directly to Dube Bute- 100% of your money goes to the people there- even the credit card processing fee is covered by Glimmer of Hope- NONE of your money goes to overhead or administrative costs.

Tomorrow I’m going to post a letter that I would greatly appreciate you circulating on your Facebook page, e-mail distribution lists, blogs, etc. You may not know me, and you may even find it humorous that 40 is literally KILLING me. But you know a child.

Imagine that child suffering from flu or bronchitis because medicine is not available. Imagine that child filthy because there is no water to bathe in. Imagine that child hungry because her food source is dying from easily cured animal diseases. Imagine that child missing her mom and dad because she’s been orphaned because of illness and poverty. Imagine that child without hope because she will not know the luxury of education.

Now imagine if she were your child.

She’s God’s child.

He said we were to help her. Will you help her in the name of someone you know? Someone who would be honored to have his/her name attached to your donation?

Come on- you know someone who is turning 40, or 30, or 60 or 8. Celebrate their lives by giving life to a stranger a world away from you. Tell all your friends. We’re almost 10% there. We need 90 families to donate $100. If you have a family of 5 that’s a cheap dinner and movie with your entire crew. Can you sacrifice that for a child who has nothing? And if $100 is too steep give $1 joyfully- it’s just as valuable a gift as far as God is concerned.

Help me please. It will make 40 a year of blessing.

See y’all!

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