In the Meantime

I’ve blogged exactly 3 times since summer began.  I’ve been busy, and for the first time in a looooooooooooong time, I’ve been busy doing exactly what I planned on doing.  I have planted and cultivated what began as a garden and can now only be described as crops.  And because of my fertile crops, I’ve also mastered pickle making.  Tomorrow?  I’m making homemade pasta sauce with 30+ pounds of tomatoes.  Yes, I said pounds.

I have been to the pool.  I have cleaned out closets.  I have seen movies.  AND- I have read.  I have read and read and read.  Nothing really earth-shattering; mostly fun books, but oh how I love to read.  I’ve been working on an annotated list; I’ll finish it up and post it tomorrow.

But, in the meantime I thought I would update you on the goings on around here.

1.  Coach has a new job as defensive coordinator at a really big high school.  He has put a serious hurt on the Dustbuster this summer.  The floors are begging for mercy.

2.  Coach and I were having a discussion the other day about college football coaches.  He called Monty Kiffin the Hemingway of football.  He went on to call him a composer of defensive orchestras and I do believe he mentioned Les Miserables at some point in the conversation.  In summary, I think it’s safe to say that Coach does love Monty Kiffin.  I don’t really know much about him, and from what Coach said the other night, I don’t think he knows Hemingway very well, so I figure we break even. 

3.  G thought it would be funny to eat a raw jalapeno.  He chewed and chewed and chewed and then said, “I’m just going to let it sit and ruminate in my mouth.”  Y’all.  Y’ALL.  He used ruminate in a sentence.  In the summer.  It’s enough to put Sarah Palin to shame.

4.  And in an effort to keep it real around here, AC gave me her birthday list revisions for this week.  She still has a month, but she revises the list at least weekly.  This week she has asked for a Nook, Tom’s shoes, iTunes gift cards, and Lay’s Potato Chips- BBQ. 

Lay’s Potato Chips.  Not. Even. Kidding.

I think I’ll go read on that note.

See y’all!

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