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We’ll begin on a sad note- my grandmother passed away late Sunday afternoon after being in hospice all week long. She was fairly young, and it was pretty unexpected. And that is why we’ve been scarce for the past few days.


Life does have a way of moving along regardless of one’s personal tragedies. So, let me recap our spring break/birthday week for you.

  • Monday- Coach crashes into my car in the driveway leaving my little Honda Accord’s future very much in jeopardy. His car sustains a little dent in the bumper, merely a flesh wound really. We work like mules in the back yard to clear our garden. I receive word my grandmother is terminally ill and will most likely not last more than a day or two.
  • Tuesday- My birthday. Coach wakes up early, goes to the store, gets cards and flowers and somehow manages to stab himself with a knife while arranging them in the back of his truck. He then proceeded to bleed for the better part of the day. I missed all the drama though because I was at the hospital.
  • Wednesday – Hospital
  • Thursday- a blur really, I really don’t know what happened to that day
  • Friday – mini-drama with the kids; all is well; no harm, no foul
  • Saturday – well it really requires its own post as any visit to an assisted living community during a tornado warning does; and then a late birthday dinner.
  • Sunday- church, Coach’s birthday, hospital
  • Monday- AC proceeds to tell me the following in one breath: she learned how to sing “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes” in Spanish and then I got an impromptu performance complete with movement as we were walking into Target; she explained how she made a Chia pet out of grass seed and panty hose (her teacher is McGyver); she asked if she could get in a swing that was on a platform for a bbq display at the grocery, was told no, then proceeded to do it anyway and launched herself into a display stack of charcoal and neon straws that were then splayed all over the floor.

And that, my friends, is why I went running back into work Monday morning happier than I’ve ever been to return to 400 unmotivated teenagers who’ve just returned from Carribean vacations.
Happy Spring!

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