Here in the Puddle

I really wish I could boast that I have a sea of forgetfulness. Really- it sounds so nice doesn’t it? Just to be able to wash it under the bridge.

Sadly, I don’t…

For big things anyway.

Oh, the sea is vast for forgetting things like: Where are my car keys?(a daily trial), Did I turn off the curling iron?, Am I supposed to be somewhere right now?, Do we have Diet Coke?, Do we have dog food?, Is it Brownie Monday?, Do I have to speak in public today (oh Lord, please no!)?, Is there basketball practice?, What did I wear yesterday? (yes, seriously, I have to ask myself that.)

But I find that there is yet another area of my life that I fall amazingly short of Jesus’s example. I don’t have a sea of forgetfulness; on a GOOD day it’s a puddle, on MOST days- well we here in the South we say- EXTREME DROUGHT! Forgiveness is not really my forte- as a matter of fact, it’s probably my worst skill- (at least it runs a very close second to singing – oh and meringue- oddly, I’m terrible at making meringue – but don’t worry- I’m committed to finding the secret to that little mystery before humidity strikes again.) It’ a lofty goal I know- but I’m believing God to make me victorious.

So, in short, I am very thankful today for God’s ability to forgive and forget. Mainly because I was in a bad mood today (I’m retaining water and it’s been cold out- a deadly mix for me) and probably wasn’t as pleasant and Christ-like as I should have been, which means that tomorrow I will have to ask forgiveness from everyone that I spoke to or near today. (Except the dogs- seriously- I don’t think it’s a coincidence that “dog” is God spelled backwards- they (dogs) are much more forgiving than most of the people I know).

I am praying for a better day tomorrow, but honestly, (and I’m talking RAW HONESTY here) it may take God himself sitting next to me in church to get me out of this little fit- I’ve just agreed to let my oldest go to Florida for a week this summer with friends and without me- yes it’s with the Youth Group- but – HELLO!!!! it’s without me. First.Time.Ever. for this child to leave the state without me. I’m just saying- I’m not well.

So- if you’re reading. Pray for me. No- better yet, pray for the poor souls that have to deal with me tomorrow- I know not what I do!

Actually, I do know a little about what I do tomorrow (I also know I made a grammatical error -it’s all about effect here people)- it’s Super Bowl Sunday and I’m cooking some good game food for Coach and our pregnant pals- I’ll post the recipes early in case you’re so inclined to make a run to the store- had planned on doing it earlier, but I was out in the doghouse with my buddies today!

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