Sometimes in the middle of our lives we just look at each other and laugh.

And I think that as long as the laughter is there we will be okay.

Boston is weighing heavy on me.  I walked across the campus at my school today and saw the flag at half-mast and I couldn’t breathe.  I had to sit down and concentrate just to make the breath come.  The involuntary became VERY voluntary.  I don’t know why.

Maybe because there were people watching their loved ones finally accomplish a goal only to find themselves at the beginning of another grueling and unexpected race.  And why?  Who knows.  Random acts of violence and a misunderstanding of Grace and Mercy.

Life is hard.  Kids are hard.  Work is hard.  Marriage is hard.  A long time ago a teacher once told me that life wouldn’t be so hard if we didn’t always expect it to be so easy. It was a catchy platitude in 1989.

Today it was breath; the reminder that it can always be worse and it will very likely be better one day.  Life is cyclical- sometimes you see the sea and sunshine and sometimes you see the pavement and gravel.  Whatever the view, it’s always better than darkness, and darkness is ALWAYS a choice.

Yet we still expect it to be easy.  And it never is.  And we are constantly amazed at the difficulty of breathing.

Except for a moment here or there, and that’s when you laugh because you know that the moment of sweetness won’t last forever.  The kids will grow up.  You’ll get bad news at work.  The dog will get attacked.

It’s always something.

And there you are.

In the middle of your life thankful to God that you can laugh, and that He delivered a person who totally gets your laughter.

Because, sometimes in the middle of the muck and the mire you just have to fling off the mess and laugh a while.

I’m thankful for Grace and Mercy today.  And always thankful for Coach; without him I’d be chest deep in my own mire.

See y’all.

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