Fixer Upper


This is an old home in our hometown that I LOVE. These houses are over 150 years old and have been made beautiful again.

Coach and I love to watch Fixer Upper, a renovation show on HGTV with Chip and Joanna Gaines. The show begins with a couple looking for a house with an all-in budget that seems tight.  Chip and Joanna show them houses that are hovels at best, and then they tell them how they can make each house spectacular within the confines of the budget.

The couple rarely sees any hope of transformation.

And then…Joanna.

She begins to call out great bones, interesting woodwork, original glass, and all manner of  things that look old and grimy, but are really rare, unique, and beautiful.  She envisions for the couple and convinces them of the house’s potential.

She is the visionary and the instiller of hope.  Chip is the encourager.  He also does all the heavy demolition and rebuilding of foundations and such. He’s also been known to eat a bug for comic relief.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an encourager as we try to transform into who we’re supposed to be? Don’t you think we could use a hopeful visionary to call out the beauty on the inside, as well as an encourager with a sense of humor to demolish the years of junk and pull out our good bones?

I sure do.

I’ve missed the point for a long time.  I always thought that transformation was something for people who had totally messed up their lives and then had to retreat in shame to the darkness to transform and hopefully be restored.

That’s what insecurity does to us.  It makes us think that because of our poor decisions and affinity for cake we deserved a punishment of sorts and that we must go into the darkness alone and transform.

And if we need help?  Well, then we’re just weak.

So we believe the lie and we become defeated.  Our glass gets hazy, our interesting woodwork gets scuffed, and our foundations start to crack.

A lot of us live that way.

I’ve been living that way- paying way too much attention to the cracks, so much so that I lost sight of really great bones and the potential for beauty.  I believed all those things were long gone and was ready to call it a day with good reality television and cheese.

But those things are all lies, and transformation is always possible- even if the foundation is crumbling.

So, how about we declare our good bones and call our cracks character  We can do it together.  We’ll transform our ramshackle pasts into hopeful futures of purpose and maybe get some good laughs in along the way.  Are you in?

Because if y’all don’t know, I live with a bunch of nuts.  This thing can get pretty hilarious at times.


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