Do You Want to Play a Game?

Remember the movie War Games?  Where a kid with a Radio Shack computer hacks into the government’s infrastructure and starts a nuclear war?  Or Weird Science?  Or Space Camp?

They have absolutely nothing to do with what I’m about to say, but the post title made me think about War Games, which led me on a walk down Amnesia Way getting all nostalgic about bad 80’s computer movies. 

So, let’s play a game. 

I am going to list the things I purchased at the grocery store this evening before I came home to a gloriously empty house to enjoy a quiet evening. 

You read the list and see if you can tell what kind of week I’ve had.  (It should be noted that the purpose of the trip was to buy milk and birthday cards for my niece and G.  Pay close attention to what doesn’t make the list.)


Okay.  (With a head bob and some cheer fingers.)

Seriously.  Ready?

The List:
InTouch Magazine
Us Weekly
Crisco butter flavored shortening sticks
Ghiradelli 60% Cocoa morsels
PF Chang’s Frozen Beef & Broccoli
1 box of Frosted Flakes
1 box of Sugar Smacks
1 large bag of Kraft caramels

Personally, I think the shortening sticks and the Kraft caramels tell the entire story, but whatever.

See y’all.

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1 Comment on Do You Want to Play a Game?

  1. Leslie Ruth Petree
    September 11, 2010 at 3:31 pm (7 years ago)

    I’ll come make a video of what you make. And read the magazines while you make it. I’m just that kind of friend.


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