I know -it’s been a while. Believe me I know. I’m on the tail-end of the May-is-the-new-December sprint to the last day of school. I’m almost there…sort of.

Maybe you’ll remember that my parents are in Italy for two weeks. And if you do remember- I talked to my mom on Sunday, and she totally did buy a rain coat in Rome…as well as tennis shoes. And if my eyes weren’t on fire I would absolutely give you a blow-by-blow of how that little shopping excursion probably went knowing my mom and dad.

But, my eyes are on fire, so I won’t.

Instead, I’ll give you 54 seconds of sweetness thanks to all of Neme and Pop’s grandchildren. It was V’s 10th birthday. There was grilling and ice cream and baseball and even some swimming in the creek (albeit impromptu and unsupervised, therefore terrifying)

Let’s just say my brother and I are both thankful that neither my mother nor my sister-in-law were in attendance, although I guess it’s safe to say that had they been here 2-year-old C. wouldn’t have run off unnoticed and attempted a wading expedition in water over his head.

It’s all good though- we fished him out of the creek- and you’ll see the little stinker on the video as well as the 6 other smalls.

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1 Comment on Ciao!

  1. Brittany Ann
    May 19, 2010 at 8:02 pm (8 years ago)

    Too funny! And terrifying! Oh family! They’ll scare the pants off you and make it fun all the same!


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