Boo! (Radley)

Last night the kids and I opted to stay home rather than go to the football game.  I told you, I gave up football.  Except for tonight.  Tonight is Tennessee vs. Alabama.  It’s kind of a rival.  Kind of.

Anyway.  G and AC were both in the mood for a scary movie.  G is 14 and has NEVER been a kid who was scared by ghosts, monsters, amusement park rides, etc.  AC, well, she’s different.  A polar opposite really.

So, the challenge was to find a movie that didn’t have sexual content, language, and was scary, but, for the love of Pete, not too scary, because the last thing I want to do is stay up with a hysterical child.

I was thinking Private Eyes

G was thinking Friday the 13th…  (Yeah right.  You have to admire his boldness of suggestion though)

AC suggested It… (She doesn’t think a movie with clowns can be to scary.)

Then I remembered Poltergeist.  It was scary, there was no sexual content, no blood, and no language.  G was less than enthused, but he went with it.

But then he brought this over…

and asked if we could watch part of it because he’s working on an English project where he has to construct the neighborhood in Google SketchUp.  He was having a hard time picturing how Boo Radley’s house had to sit on the street.

He’s very literal minded- he needed to see a visual representation.  There was a near come-apart over something about how Boo Radley’s porch juts out, but sits facing away from the street…or something. 

Anyway, we rented To Kill A Mockingbird

Then I lectured him all the way home about how different movies are from books and how he had better not be planning on watching the movie rather than reading the book and blah blah blah. 

It’s my duty as an English teacher…and a mother…and an American.

He replied “I would never do that.  It would break the Honor Code.  And besides, the book is really good, but don’t tell anybody I said that.”

“Oh, I won’t” I said.

So we made it home and put the movie in to play.

“Hey Mom, what’s the deal?  Where’s the color?”  G asked.

“It’s black and white.”

“The WHOLE THING?”  he asked.

“Yep.  It’s a black and white movie.  Did you not know that.”

“Ummm. NO.  No I did not.  This is going to be bor…”

And then he was hooked.  And so was she.  And I have to say, it was the best movie night we’ve ever had.  They were both mesmerized.

Afterwards, G went directly to his room to read more of the book.

AC was terrified that Boo Radley was living in our back yard waiting to stab her in the leg with some scissors.  Seems she may not have totally understood the movie.

And  I’ve never been more thankful that we didn’t start the evening with Poltergeist.

See y’all.

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1 Comment on Boo! (Radley)

  1. Bella Michelle
    October 24, 2010 at 10:05 am (7 years ago)

    Having just read the book (or in theory re-read the book!!!) recently in honor of its 50th Anniversary I think I might have to get this movie! LOL In the book there were a couple of halloween “scary” worthy scenes so I think this movie would work both ways! I have kiddos that don’t do scary…much like their parents…just call us wimps!!! LOL Love your blog, BTW!


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