Because You Can Never Know Too Much

So I’m on the road today and am mostly certain that I won’t have anything to say after 7 hours in the car with my family. So I cut and pasted the “25 Random Things About Me” meme from Facebook- just in case you were wondering.
1. I get great satisfaction from really scrubbing the bathrooms. (I don’t get to do it often b/c SOMEONE beats me to it- but I’m not complaining.)
2. My greatest stressors are cluttered closets, unfinished projects, and dirty garages… Currently, we have all three
3. I really love to run…for long periods of time. I don’t do it often enough because I feel guilty.
4. Guilt is my arch nemesis. Well, guilt and a really good cheesecake. I struggle with both of those things daily.
5. I want to go to seminary when the kids are grown. Not for any kind of new job endeavor, I just want to know more.
6. I have unfinished writing projects scattered all over my computer, bookshelves, and brain.
7. I love to read- and will read almost anything.
8. I feel most myself at the beach and yippee- I’m on my way
9. I love a good, hard, belly laugh- you know- a guffaw
10. AC has the best belly-laugh I’ve ever heard
11. My son has the quickest, most sarcastic wit I’ve heard in a long time. He’s got excellent comedic timing.
12. I married a coach, who’s also a Vanderbilt fan. 2 things I said I would NEVER do.
13. I was a pre-med major in college. I was 21 before I realized I don’t really like sick people- the whining and complaining gets to me.
14. So naturally, I teach high school English- there’s no whining and complaining there.
15. I am terrified of thunder storms and the noise that helicopters make. (The helicopter thing is Post-traumatic stress from Red Dawn)
16. I plan to celebrate my 40th birthday in Tanzania atop Kilimanjaro
17. I’ve never had a desire to see England or France- but I hear they are nice
18. My dream is to have several acres, a barn, and dozens of DOGS- I love dogs, and a lamb (just because I think they’re cute)
19. When I was in high school I had a notebook with a 5-year, 10-year, 15- year, etc. plan which included living in the Blue Ridge Mountains, being a pediatrician, having three children (twin girls and a boy), and having a really cool kitchen (seriously, that’s what it said)
20. I didn’t do a single one of those things- the real thing was so much better than the plan (I’m still hoping for the kitchen though)
21. I have been on the brink of death- it’s an empowering thing. I’m not afraid of that anymore.
22. I know there are things that are worse than death.
23. I didn’t really see the big deal with the 3 Stooges or Seinfeld, but I think old Cosby Show reruns are hilarious.
24. I miss my grandmother every day.
25. My spices and the food in my pantry are in alphabetical order and organized into sweet and savory categories. I have been known to throw quite the hissy fit if someone disorganizes those spaces. It’s a daily battle- but for some reason- it’s one hill worth dying for… (I know, it’s weird- it’s my thing)

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2 Comments on Because You Can Never Know Too Much

  1. Brittany Ann
    May 29, 2009 at 3:08 pm (9 years ago)

    “I teach high school English- there’s no whining and complaining there.”

    This made me laugh out loud!

  2. Melissa
    June 3, 2009 at 10:30 am (9 years ago)

    That’s a great list!

    And you’ve got a great blog!


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