And We’re Off…Almost

7:05 am- AC comes in and wakes me up saying, and I quote, “I’m perfect as a princess.”
Well, one could read a lot into that statement, but what she meant was that she felt fine. I pulled my iron-deprived self out of bed and took her temperature. 97.1. No fever.
As the day progressed, no call from the doctor to tell me she had strep.
So my friends, it looks like we escaped having to transport Amoxicillin from here to Florida.
The dogs and garden have a wonderful couple coming to live with them for the week at our home- Mack will be so pumped to have a new sucker to coax into hours of ball throwing.
The bags are almost packed. It’s almost time to go.
All the excitement got Coach and I talking about childhood vacation memories.
Do you remember when you were a kid and your parents gave you a coloring book, a book to read, and a pack of Uno cards and you were left to fend for yourself in the backseat for a sweet forever until you got to a Stuckey’s somewhere in Alabama for a potty break?
Seriously, my brother and I would trade off- one of us would sleep in the back window and the other would sleep in the floor. Obviously the floor was kind of a bummer because of the hump and all, but the person who was stuck with the hump was left with all the negotiating power.
At about hour 3 we would sit in the seat and make horrid faces and cars passing by and then we’d laugh. We’d laugh so hard the threats from the front seat would start.
“If you don’t stop, I’ll turn this car around and go home.”
We’d keep going until the flailing hand started- you know- when your dad just reached his hand back and started swatting and he spanked whatever he hit.
Oh those were good times. I still laugh about how nimble my brother and I were, and how we were able to elude the flailing hand.
Sadly, our children will not be able to experience that.
I simply don’t have the constitution for it.
So, we’ve packed DVD players and every DVD we own; 3 Nintendo DS’s; 3 iPods all freshly loaded with new songs (thank you Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift); and even a book or two.
The way I see it, we’ve bought ourselves at least two hours.
After that, well…
Let the flailing begin!
Here’s to vacation and to summer!

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