Well you know what they say.Stuff.  They say stuff.

And clearly, I am not “they” because I have had absolutely zilch to say.  Nothing.  Nada.

We’ve been busy.  I’m taking full advantage of understatement here.  There’s not a word for the kind of busy we’ve been. 

Then we were kidnapped by two scurvy knaves

and taken here
where this knave declared it officially summertime
and told us we were forced to do this for the week
And there’s nary a dustbuster in sight.
Anyway, we’re headed down to the beach for a pre-dinner swim.  Then, we’re descending upon Paula Deen and her restaurant tonight where, as Coach said, we’ll put an epic hurt on the buffet.
I’ll keep you updated on our adventures, but in the meantime, go here for a chance to win a $100 Visa Card, compliments of Purina, BlogHer, Mack, and me.

See y’all!

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