20 Books for Summer

Summer has almost arrived. I’m so glad she’s here because she is easy-going and enjoys a lax schedule. Turns out, so do I. My big plans for the summer are to develop some new canning recipes to preserve more of what we take from the garden, make a big dent on a writing project I’ve been working on, and read a few good books.

Here’s what I’m reading this summer. (They are in order of publication date- some don’t release until June, July, or beyond.)

    The Forever Summer

  1. My Italian Bulldozer
  2. Almost Missed You
  3. The Night the Lights Went Out
  4. Saints for All Occasions
  5. Love and Trouble
  6. Into the Water
  7. The Book of Summer
  8. Same Beach Next Year
  9. Sunshine Sisters
  10. A French Wedding
  11. The People We Hate at the Wedding
  12. Before We Were Yours
  13. The Identicals
  14. Cocoa Beach
  15. Every Last Lie
  16. The Almost Sisters
  17. Hello, Sunshine
  18. The Address
  19. How to Change a Life
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